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As we welcome February, you will start noticing hearts, lace and splashes of pink and red adorning many stores as they ramp up for Valentine’s Day! But what if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day? What are your options to avoid the love fest? I did some web surfing and have come up with some great ideas for those of us that aren’t big fans of all things hearts and roses.

  • Celebrate “Pal”antine’s Day! That’s right, gather up your single friends and plan an outing or host a cocktail party. While Valentine’s Day is traditionally about couples, there’s nothing that says you can not show your friends how much you LOVE them!
  • Treat yourself and be your own “date”. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take yourself out on a date or buy a special gift for yourself.
  • If your Netflix queue looks anything like mine, I would recommend a binge session on February 14th. Seriously, I need to retire and never leave home for the next 10 years just to catch up on my queue!
  • Offer to babysit. You know that awesome couple friend of yours that never seem to have any time to themselves? It could be due them not being able to find a babysitter they trust. If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s it would be great to offer to babysit their littles.
  • Get crafty! If you have a flair for the arts, why not whip up some handcrafted gifts for your friends and family? Regardless of their couple status, it’s always a treat to receive a thoughtful gift.
  • Be a secret admirer. Whether you are coupled or single, you could make someone’s day by leaving them a little Valentine’s gift. You can hit up your local flower shop, create a few bouquets and secretly deliver them to friends/family that you know need a little boost.
  • Go old school! Remember those kitschy Valentine’s cards you would give out in elementary school…why not buy a pack and snail mail to your friends?! Imagine the smile on their face when they open a real card and see a silly card from you.

These suggestions are not just for the singles among us, regardless of my relationship status, I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day for myself, but always enjoy brightening someone else’s’ day on February 14th. So this year, I’m taking my own advice and getting in on sending out those silly, elementary school cards to a few friends who are geographically far away, but always close to my heart. How about you?


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