On The Road Again

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This Thanksgiving weekend an estimated 51 million people will take to the roads to travel to share their gratitude and a meal with their family and friends. There will be touch football games; first time meetings of new boyfriends/girlfriends; toasts of cheers and fond remembrances of those no longer with us. We will roast, grill or fry approximately 46 million turkeys that average 15 pounds (that A LOT of turkey!). Countless naps will take place due to an excess of mashed potatoes and gravy in our systems. And roughly 3.5 million people will jockey for position to watch the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. These are big numbers and the reason why if you are hitting the road for the holiday, you need to be extra cautious and give yourself plenty of travel time. Before you embark on your journey make sure that your car is ready. Check the tire pressure (sudden drops in temperature can affect the integrity of your tires); check and top off fluids (washer, oil, brake, transmission) and have an emergency kit stored in the trunk or backseat. If you are traveling with children, make sure you have plenty of activities to keep them occupied…or plan to drive during nap time if they are great car sleepers! Heading to the airport or train station? Make sure your luggage meets the standards set for flight or rail. Pack a few light snacks to ward off the travel crankies and make sure you keep your essentials with you in your carry on should you be checking bags as well. Make sure you arrive and check in with plenty of time so you don’t run the risk of missing your train/flight. I’m guess the turkey that your Aunt Mildred is cooking is worlds better than the turkey club sandwich the airport has to offer! Be patient. Plan for extra travel time due to the increased volume on our roads, rails and in the air. Don’t fight too much with that cranky uncle that is constantly proclaiming, “Back in my day…”; enjoy the time with your family and friends; eat that extra serving of mashed potatoes or pie, you can walk it off after dinner; and most of all, enjoy the spirit of the the holiday.  ]]>

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