New Year Purge!

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No, I’m not talking about the dystopian movie with 24 hours of suspending laws resulting in total chaos and anarchy, I’m talking about your closets and dressers! So let’s take a look at how to trim down your wardrobe and free that “clothing monster chair” from its garment bonds!

Do you have one of these “laundry chairs” in your home?

First and foremost, this is going to take a while if this is your first purge, so check the weather and pick a nice rainy day! Here we go…

  1. Before you begin, decide what vibe/look works best for your lifestyle. This will allow you to categorize your clothes and make it easier to let go of items that do not fit the real you.
  2. Take every single item of clothing out of your closet s/dressers and place so that you can look at things. Don’t forget those clothes you may keep in your car for a quick change or the perpetually full clean laundry basket in the laundry room.
  3. Now it’s time for the hard part…what stays and what goes.
    1. It’s easier to start by choosing what stays. These are those timeless pieces that you wear all the time. The favorite pants or jeans that are a perfect fit; that sweater that brings out your eyes; the power suit that makes you feel like a king/queen. Categorize your clothing by type, then find your absolute favorite item for each category to keep. These items will become your joy measuring stick for all the following items. This method may make it a bit easier to give away items that do not come close to the joy of your favorites.
    2. Stumped on whether to toss or keep an item? Ask yourself, “Would I buy this again?”. If you answer no, then let it go.
    3. What about those items that STILL have the tag on them, but you may feel guilty about getting rid of because you haven’t worn them even once? Think about how grateful someone will be at the thrift store when they find these items. For someone who can not afford to shop new, finding NWT items can give them great joy.
    4. But what about those items that were gifts? How do you give away something that someone you love gave to you? Maybe you don’t, maybe you keep them but repurpose them? Could that shirt that’s just not your style become a great pillow cover? Or how about turning that sweater that fits weird into mittens and a hat?

It may seem silly to go through holding items to see if they give you joy, but I’ve starting doing this and it really does help letting go of “stuff” easier. And once you’ve tackled your clothing, you can use the same “joy” principle for the rest of your home. The majority of Americans have too much stuff, I think about this everytime I talk to or visit with friends from other countries. The idea of owning ten pair of ever so slightly different pairs of blue jeans it absolutely asinine to them…but :raises hand: guilty. So now that my darling daughter has returned to college, I am going on a house-wide purge. What little I’ve already done, has made me feel lighter and less bogged down.

How about you? Do you feel trapped or confined by the amount of “stuff” you have in your home? Do you think a good, healthy purge will make your life feel a little lighter and brighter?


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