Today marks #NationalLoveYourPetDay, I like to think it’s like Valentine’s Day is for humans. Of course we love our pets everyday, but on February 20th it’s time to take a moment and reflect on what our pets bring to our lives and honor and appreciate that and maybe give them a little extra love. [caption id="attachment_640" align="aligncenter" width="458"]pets.jpg Did you know that Herbwise has holistic treats and treatments for your pets?![/caption] So how can we show our pets that we love them? It’s really quite simple:

  1. TREATS! Our cats go crazy for treats. As soon as they hear that bag begin to crinkle, they both come bolting to their dishes. Or maybe it’s time for a new toy? Our other cat, Chicken, has found a huge affection for a piece of wood that came off our wicker trash basket in the downstairs bathroom. Why? No clue, but when I bring it out to her, she’s like a kitten all over again!
  2. Play time! We live busy lives and sometimes our pets don’t get the play time they would really like, so taking a few extra minutes to really give them a great frolick is a nice treat. Our pets just want to be with us, they are very simple in their needs and willingness to love and we need to remember that we are their world. Time with their humans is what pets crave and we need to remember how important that is to our animal roommates!
  3. Pamper them. Have a pet that LOVES a bath? Then draw one, settle them in and give them a sudsy little massage. It may sound silly, but dogs and cats can often benefit from a pet friendly massage. Or give them a really good brushing. This benefits you in helping to cut down on the hair balls and dust bunnies; and for many pets, brushing is the same as petting!
  4. Don’t move! Our cats are very picky when it comes time to cuddle, so house rule is that if you have a cat in your lap, you let her stay! Laundry needs to be done, someone else is in charge because I have cat lap!
Oftentimes when we reflect on our pets we realize that these simple creatures literally live for their humans. They are dependent on us for their food, housing and care and in return give us unconditional love and silly antics. So give those pets a little extra love today!]]>

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