With the sudden arrival of some very nice spring weather, now is the time to start buckling down on getting your gardens in shape! So let’s take a look at some kitchen ingredients that can make your gardens bloom!

Don’t I look blue-tiful?
  • Baking soda can make your flowers bloom like crazy! Sprinkle some on the top of the soil around your plants (geraniums, coneflowers, daylilies and clematis) for an explosion of blooms!
  • Cream of tartar can keeps the ants from spoiling your picnic! Simply sprinkle a little on the perimeter of your picnic table or blanket.
  • Cayenne pepper can keep those pesky squirrels from digging up your bulbs, the spice is just too much for these furry thieves.
  • White vinegar can take care of that unsightly algae that may have set up shop on your patio. Simply hit the unsightly slime with full strength vinegar.
  • Love sweet tomatoes? Then bust out that baking soda again…simply sprinkle a little on the soil around the plants.
  • Garden tools looking a little rusty? Give them a nice rub down with olive oil to help repel dirt and rust.
  • Do you want to blue up your pink hydrangeas? Then give them a nice drink of 1 cup white vinegar in 1 gallon of water! Acidic soil is what causes pink flowers to turn blue (does not work on white hydrangeas).
  • Fight the fungus! If you have plants that are prone to fungus (tomatoes and lilacs to name just two), then you need that baking soda again! Mix one teaspoons of baking soda with one litre of water and spray the leaves of the plants. This won’t kill existing fungus, but the alkalinity of the mixture will create an environment that prevents fungus from growing.
  • Coffee brings the early worms! Apparently coffee grounds in your soil will attract hardworking earthworms. You can use both fresh and used but you need to be aware that fresh ground are acidic, while the used grounds are neutral. This is important if you are trying to attract worms around your alkaline loving plants such as geraniums or tomato plants.
We like fun guys, not fungus!

Hopefully armed with these tips you can create a little magic in your yard this year!

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