February can be so very dreary[/caption] Let’s tackle some easier projects that you can get done in approximately an hour:

  1. Rotate your mattress. Next time you change the sheets, give the mattress a quick 180° spin. Rotating your mattress will help it wear more evenly and prolong it’s life.
  2. Clear out the your linen closet. Did you score some really great deals at those January “white sales”? Then take a look at your old sheets and towels and see what you can donate. Check with local shelters, churches and animals shelters. If you have extremely worn items, you can cut them up to use as cleaning rags.
  3. Give your wardrobe a purge as well! I find myself going through my clothes every four months and always manage to pull together a bag or two to donate.
  4. Give your entryway floors a deep cleaning. Winter is FULL of ice melt and sand and taking the time out to completely mop or vacuum your entryways will help preserve your floors.
Next up let’s look at some projects that you can knock off during a dreary weekend.
  1. Food prep! If you find yourself with a few hours to occupy, cooking up large batch meals to freeze for later is an excellent idea. Put that crockpot and the oven to work and you can create multiple grab and heat meals for when life kicks up the pace! Soups, stews, chili, casseroles or lasagna can be made is large batches, broken down into to smaller, freezer friendly containers and supply meals for weeks.
  2. Organize your bookshelves! You know those things that seem to collect books AND everything else that doesn’t have a home? Take a few hours to pull each shelf’s items off, clean the shelf and then really go through what you have and see if there are any items you can box up and donate! Senior centers, schools, libraries, thrift stores, etc will take used books in gently used condition. It’s an opportunity to pass on knowledge and enjoyment. And you just may run into a favorite you had forgotten about and get to snuggle in and take a little adventure without leaving the comfort of your couch.
  3. Switch it up. Now is a great time to rearrange a room to make better use of the space. You have the time to move things around, really clean in the nooks and crannies and freshen up your space without spending a dime!
  4. Deep clean the nasty zones. Mold and mildew can creep into your life when the house is shut up tight against the cold of winter. Take a few hours to give your bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen a really good scrubbing.
  5. Clean the dryer! Twice a year my husband takes our dryer apart and vacuums out all of the lint. You would be surprised where it all ends up…not just in the lint trap or the exhaust hose! Check YouTube for your brand of dryer and give a full clean out. Not only will this help prevent a dryer fire which can spell total disaster for you and your home; it will increase the efficiency of the dryer!
As frustrating as it can be to feel as if you are housebound, it’s a great opportunity to get some great projects done and have a little downtime.]]>

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