• Do attend the party if it fits your schedule. Let’s be honest, you may not want to see the people you work with outside of the office, but you may just be surprised at how different people are when they are in a relaxed, fun environment. And attending shows that you care about the company, not just during work hours.
  • Unless you have an events planning department, management should take care of the planning and executing of the party. This event is meant to thank and recognize your employees and the burden of the event should not be on their shoulders.
  • Oh, behave! Yes the holiday party is a time to relax and have fun, but it’s not a singles bar and you should behave appropriately. Moderate your drinking if there is alcohol served, your boss is not going to think you are worthy of that promotion because you won a quarters tournament. AND remember that this is a company function and all policies that are in effect during business hours, carry over to the party. Don’t think it’s appropriate to get handsy or flirty with a co-worker because you’re “not at work”. [caption id="attachment_1185" align="aligncenter" width="481"]officeholidaypartyregret There looks to be a bit of day after regret brewing here![/caption]
  • Check those jokes before you chase the laughs. Again, a work event is covered by the same policies as when you are at the office. Off-color, sexual or discriminatory jokes have no place at a company function. If you need a few joke options click on over to Great Clean Jokes. raisejoke_2
  • Consider some entertainment options in order to keep the “boredom drinking” to a minimum. A photo booth with props can let people cut loose; or money free poker tables; or interactive team games. When people are occupied and focused on a variety of fun tasks they tend not to drink less and engage with each other more. AND don’t forget to share some of the fun party pictures on your social media, your followers LOVE to see the personal side of the business.
  • Dress appropriately. Yes, you want to be in festive party clothes, but you are still at a business function. So that super short, slinky dress or that button-down shirt open to your navel…save it for a private party. But don’t be afraid to put a little pizzaz in your outfit…it is a party after all!
  • Keep the emphasis on the party and don’t burden the employees with a downer speech. The holiday party is not a time to point out the downfalls of the year, that is handled during department meetings or employee reviews. Keep any management speech upbeat and cheerful. Thank your staff and let them enjoy the party. Of course, if your business has had a stellar year, that the kind of business talk everyone loves to hear!
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