As we say goodbye to 2017 and prepare to leap into 2018, now is the perfect time to make some insurance resolutions! Now if you are wondering how in the world I’m going to tie insurance with resolutions, wonder no more! Many of the personal resolutions you may consider making for 2018 can have a positive effect on your insurances. How? Let’s take a little stroll into Knowledgeville…

  1. Are you resolving to get fitter? Lose a little weight? Quit smoking? These positive health changes you may be considering can save you money on your life insurance premiums, even on a current policy. AND some health insurance policies offer incentive, discounts or free program to help you be the best you.
  2. Planning home improvements in 2018? You may be able to save on our homeowners premium if you install a security system. Need a new roof, maybe look at a fireproof replacement. Having that wood stove removed? Replace your windows hurricane rated ones? Many improvements that provide added security or safety around your home may earn you a discount.
  3. Shore up your credit. If your goal is to raise your credit score, that could help reduce your insurance premiums. Yes, there are companies that use credit scores as one of the many assessments when calculating risk.
  4. Walk or bike to work. Not everyone is in a position to do this, but if you can consider leaving your car in the driveway a few times a week. Less driving means less opportunity for an accident which equals a lower risk for the insurance company. Check with your agent if your company offers a “recreational use only” discount.
  5. Update your home inventory. Having a documented home inventory can help with any loss claim. There are many helpful apps that will store photos, serial numbers and copies of receipts so it’s all available if you ever need to file for damages or replacement of items due to a covered loss. Check out these android recommendations and these iOS apps.
  6. Have high school or college drivers on your auto policy? Ask your agent if your company offers a “good student discount”. Students that maintain a minimum grade point average can often earn a reduced premium.
  7. BUNDLE! Many insurance companies will offer a multi-policy discount even if your insurance is with two different companies but under the same agency!
  8. Review your coverages. Insurance policies do not automatically cover EVERYTHING and finding that out when you need the coverage is too late. For instance, flood damage is NOT covered by your standard homeowners’ policy. And there are limits on coverage for items such as jewelry, electronics, collectibles, etc. Does your auto policy have glass coverage? Maybe, maybe not…and you don’t want to hear no when you’re staring a spreading spiderweb on your windshield. Do you know what your deductibles are and are you comfortable with the amount you have to spend before your insurance starts to pay? Call us and we’d be happy to review your coverages and make any recommendations.
So as you can see, those 2018 resolutions can have an impact beyond your waistline or bank account! If you want to see if there are ways to trim up your insurance policies, give us a call! And please have a very safe and happy new year’s eve and best wishes for 2018!]]>

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